Advisory Board of Trustees

The Clifton Arts Center Advisory Board of Trustees is appointed by the Mayor and Council and directs the policies, planning and advising on art exhibits, performances and other art related governing responsibilities.  They are responsible for short and long term goals and meet monthly or when deemed necessary.

The Advisory Board is made up of a member from Clifton Association of Artists, Clifton Beautification Committee, Clifton Historical Commission, Clifton Public Schools and four members at large who represent Clifton residents and business owners.

Current Advisory Board members:


Jeff Labriola, Board President

Tom Dzubina, Clifton Association of Artists Liaison

Beth Slanina, Clifton Public Schools Liaison

Kim Oeffler, Clifton Historical Commission Liaison

Joan Sanford, Correspondence Secretary

Mike Bertelli, Sculpture Committee

Michael Gabriele, Member at Large

Sharon Koribanics, Member at Large

Linda White, Board Secretary

 Mayor James Anzaldi, City Council Liaison