Clifton Arts Center, Inc.

The Clifton Arts Center, Inc. is a nonprofit 501c3 organization.  This organization serves as the nonprofit fundraising arm to supplement the municipal operating budget of the Arts Center.  This board is responsible for all additional funding and donations to the Clifton Arts Center and meets quarterly or as needed.



The mission of the Clifton Arts Center, Inc. is to promote excellence in the fine and performing arts within the City of Clifton by chartering the municipally owned center as a not-for-profit facility.


To work in conjunction and efficiency with the Advisory Board of Trustees, the Clifton City Council, residents of Clifton and surrounding community, and exhibiting artists.

To promote the Clifton Arts Center as an essential and vital entity in Clifton and as a commanding presence in the future of the City of Clifton.

To provide financial resources for special exhibitions, programs, renovations and restorations of the historic facility, and for education programs.


MaryAnn Baskinger, Acting Chairperson

Jeff Labriola, CAC Liason

Antoinette Mathes, Treasurer

Linda White, Secretary

Amie Kolodziej

Barbara Novak


Among the Clifton Arts Center, Inc. board's ongoing fundraising efforts include the annual City Wide Garage Sale and Annual Fundraiser Luncheon.  To learn more about these events, follow the Arts Center on Facebook here.